Maybe It’s Time to Get That Great Idea Out of Your Head…

… And Into Movie Theaters

Yes, you can sell a script. Of course, there are no guarantees. It takes a strong belief in your idea, a willingness to take a risk, and the determination to keep pushing until it sells, but it happens every day.
But what about writing the script?

Let the Professionals Do It

You might have a great movie idea but little time to study and practice screenwriting. You may even have a complete plot worked out. Maybe you’ve found a true crime case that would make a ripping detective movie. Want someone to turn your idea into a finished movie script?

That’s what the Pro Movie Writer Service is here for. The Pro Movie Writers will work with you to develop your story idea and then write that idea into a complete film script. 

Pro Movie Writer is a group of professional screenwriters and screenwriter consultants, including a former movie studio development executive, an author/screenwriter, a noted screenplay consultant, and more. We ghostwrite a screenplay from your idea and story.

Our writing fees for a script start at $8000. Sorry, we do not write scripts for a percentage of sales proceeds.


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